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Product Description
Samsung LCD module UC-16225.
Module size: 100 x 42mm.
Display size: 80 x 21mm.
Prepped with right-angle header.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Works great, easier to read

Reviewer: from California

Typical "16 pin" type Hitachi protocol display. Works with liquidcrystal arduino library.

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Works with Raspberry Pi also

Reviewer: from Planet 10

A good unit, plugs right into breadboard with 0.1" pins. Python code to drive it can be found at:

NOTE: (so you don't blow up your first one like I did) :-(
The unit has two sets of two pins each where you apply 5 volts: pins 1 & 2 for logic and pins 15 & 16 for the backlight.
Pin 1 = GND and pin 2 = Vcc (5 volts)
Pin 15 = 5 volts and pin 16 = GND

If you get it working but with gibberish, you've got the order of your 4-bit data lines mixed up. Otherwise it's all good. Enjoy.

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Words with Arduino libraries

Reviewer: from 60565

Works OK in four bit mode. Is larger than the usual 16x2 with bigger letters.

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LED Backlight

Reviewer: from Los Angeles

NOTE - Pins 15 & 16 are reversed on this board. If you want the backlight to work with a serial backpack, then you need to cut those two traces near the pins and swap the connections with jumper wires. Pretty easy to accomplish. Then the backlight can be controlled via software. Otherwise, a fine LCD for a very low price.

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