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Arduino compatible controller for 16 x 2 LCD modules. Also has output for LED backlight. 16-pin header solders into LCD. 42 x 19 x 8mm pc board (excluding header pins).
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Excellent product

Reviewer: from Loveland CO

Reliable libraries are easy to find. Also handles 4 line by 20 char displays. I've used dozens of them. Really does a good job.

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Reviewer: from Los Angeles

This is an I2C serial backpack, and works great. Be sure to line up pin 1 of the backpack with pin 1 of the LCD. A datasheet is available at

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Handy I2C interface for your LCDs. Frees up a lot of IO pins.

Reviewer: from Little Rock, AR.

Very handy device. Solders straight onto a compatible LCD.
I have used it for 16 x 2 and 40 x 2 LCD displays.
With the right Arduino libraries you should be able to get a wide variety of LCDs to work through the I2C bus.
LCDs should use the Hitachi HD44780 LCD Controller/Driver.

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