$3.25 each
10 or more $3.00 each
Operates on 12V ac (or dc). 700mA output. For all 3W LEDs. 0.70" x 0.54" x 0.50" thick. 0.58" pins on 0.25" centers (12V input). 1.75" leads (output). Output voltage: 1.9 - 3.6 V.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from GARFIELD, NJ USA
Technical Info for LED Driver
This is a very efficient driver for the 3 watt star LED bulbs. The input voltage conncts to the pins and the wires connect to the LED red to anode and white to cathode. It is a constant current supply which puts out 600 milliamps. This driver runs in switching mode at about 250 Khz, so there is some noise. Just connect a 4.7 uF Tantalum capacitor across the output and that will quiet things down.

A customer from EXCELSIOR, MN USA
LED Driver
I purchased a number of these to use with the 3W LED. They work great, but for my application, automotive tail lights, they produce a lot of hash/RF noise through the car stereo when they are on. They work great for brake lights and turn signals, but are noisy when on.

Robert Wilkinson from OR USA
Efficient but not necesssary
I put a 50-ohm resistor in series and limited the current though a LED-248 to 200mA at 14vdc without using one of these. Not efficient (10 watts in the resistor) but cheap and quiet.