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10 to 99 $0.45 each
100 to 999 $0.40 each
1000 or more $0.35 each
Bright 5mm round blue LED with built-in resistors for 12Vdc, 12mA operation. No external resistor required. Works well on 4-12Vdc. Dimmer at lower voltages. 35 Degree viewing angle. Lenses are tinted the same color as the LED when lit.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

Jason Saxon from Madeira Beach, Florida
Great Product or H2S Corporation
H2S Corp had been looking for a 12V LED solution for the marine LED Showers that we manufacture for high end performance and luxury yachts. This LED has proven itself and our customers really like the vibrant colors and functionality. Check out the application at www.h2s-corp.com

A customer from Michigan USA
Great for 12v car use
I purchased these to replace the dead bulbs in my (1996) GM factory radio and they were great. They are bright as well as dimmable and I will be attempting to use them in the dash and other areas in my vehicle when I order more of them. Replacing the original bulbs with these was fairly easy, it looks way better and saved lots of money over having it professionally serviced with factory bulbs… I found some info at http://www.yorkspace.com/2006/02/35 these have the resistor so you do not need all the modification.