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Bright 5mm round white LED with built-in resistors for 12Vdc, 12mA operation. No external resistor required. Works well on 4-12Vdc. Dimmer at lower voltages. 35 Degree viewing angle. Lenses are tinted the same color as the LED when lit.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Reno, NV. USA
Ran this 12v LED at 13.55 vdc for days
Ran this 12v LED at 13.55 vdc for days and not one bulb quit.

A customer from Indiana, USA
Very nice but heed 12v
The led works great. The first one I connected to a 12v battery fried in 2 seconds. The battery voltage was 13.6 and this killed the led. The led ran fine using an external resistor to limiit the voltage. Do not exceed 12v and it will work great on its own.

A customer from TUCSON, AZ USA
Bright and works at lower voltage, dont exceed 12V they will go out fast - use them as a simple 5/12 volt indicator for low voltage terminal blocks/connections - time saver [no resistor needed]..

Rick Mills from BERWICK, ME USA
Model Railroad use
Using these as headlights in HO scale model railroad locomotives. I add a 1K resistor in series and it works great, constant brightness as soon as throttle is opened all the way up to full speed.