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26mm diameter x 40mm long plastic lamp containing 12 bright amber LEDs. Optimal voltage and current appears to be 11.5 Vdc @ 25mA. Recommend using a current limiting resistor 100-220 Ohms (see customer comments). Rear of lamp has a tapped brass insert for mounting and a rubber O-ring. Two 18" leads with 2-pin connector. These lamps are very sensitive to overvoltage. Like most LEDs they will last a long time when run at the proper voltage. However, they will burn out quickly above 11.5 Vdc. Because of the sensitivity of this part, we cannot guarantee it. Removed from used equipment.
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Can be disasembled to harvest LEDs

Reviewer: from NEW FAIRFIELD, CT USA

To disassemble: Carefully tear away the plastic housing. The LED's are potted to the circuit board with black epoxy on both sides. With judicious use of heat it is possible to remove all of the potting. LEDs can then be de-soldered from the circuit board. The leads will of course be very short. I used them each with a 220 Ohm resistor on a variable 0-14.8V supply on a model train. They light at just over 1 volt up to my supply maximum of 14.8V. Good color for locomotive headlamps.

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I can see why people could blow the LEDs.

Reviewer: from LA, California

The 12 LEDs appear to be wired as 6 and 6 LEDs WITHOUT a current limiting resistor. IF you use a 100 to 150 ohm current limiting resistor in series with the unit, you can connect it to 12 volts safely.

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nice color

Reviewer: from MONTESANO, WA USA

Nice deep amber yellow color, like light through a beer bottle; not real bright. Runs right at 25ma from 12V with a 22-ohm series resistor. A 9V wall transformer that read 12.5 volts no-load drew 25ma through a 33-ohm resistor. Doesn't light at all on less than 9 volts.

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