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High-intensity UV light light source in the 400nM spectrum. Sixteen 1W LEDs on a two-piece curved 1.6" wide pc board assembly approximately 6" long. 4" pigtail leads. Can be run at 1/2 or full power by connecting one, or both, of the black (negative) leads. Operates on 30Vdc @ 1A. Our power supply, CAT# PS-294 works well with this.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Great UV Light with some Warnings

Reviewer: from Los Angeles

This UV light is very bright. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE LIGHT. I believe looking directly at the light could cause eye injury or damage. Second, the unit gets very hot, consider a way to control the heat such as a heat sink. The unit has an adhesive backing and mounting holes, in my estimation precisely to attach the light to a heat sink. I had one lead un-solder itself within 5 minutes. A very bright UV source!

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