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Product Description
High-intensity UV light light source in the 400nM spectrum. Sixteen 1W LEDs on a two-piece curved 1.6" wide pc board assembly approximately 6" long. 4" pigtail leads. Can be run at 1/2 or full power by connecting one, or both, of the black (negative) leads. Operates on 30Vdc @ 1A (requires heatsink). One power option is our buck-boost regulator, CAT# UDC-5 adjusted to 30Vdc with a 12V 2.5A-3A power supply ie, PS-1272 or PS-1295.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Great UV Light with some Warnings

Reviewer: from Los Angeles

This UV light is very bright. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE LIGHT. I believe looking directly at the light could cause eye injury or damage. Second, the unit gets very hot, consider a way to control the heat such as a heat sink. The unit has an adhesive backing and mounting holes, in my estimation precisely to attach the light to a heat sink. I had one lead un-solder itself within 5 minutes. A very bright UV source!

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Brightest Black Light Ever!

Reviewer: from DENVER, CO USA

I got one of these just to mess around with. It is easily the brightest black light I have ever seen -- in my opinion, brighter than the full-size T12 fluorescent tubes. You can easily see objects fluoresce even in daylight.

The previous reviewer is correct, it gets hot quickly without some kind of heat sink. The bottom of the aluminum PCB already has a thermally-conductive pad, so no need for messy thermal paste. I mounted it on a 4" x 6" x 1/4" thick aluminum plate using the 5 screw holes in PCBs. This is enough to maintain a reasonable temperature during prolonged use. It also solves the problem of its crazy shape and provides some sanely-spaced mounting holes at the corners of the plate.

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