CAT# LED-174

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5mm diameter device with 4 green LED chips.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

redrok from MN USA
2 x 2 Green LED Array
This LED Array is made with 4 Green LED arranged as 2 strings of 2 in parallel to the pins. They appear, under a microscope, to be well constructed with gold bonds on gold conductors with a ceramic substrate. I would say they were made a long time ago and were high quality and expensive, in the day. The die are very small so aren't very bright by today's standards.
I was hopping to find the LEDs were all connected in series which would have been a bit under 8V. But alas, that is why the voltage is 4V @ 10mA. 10mA is probably about the limit.
All in all, they would be nice indicators in a 5V circuit with a 100ohm resistor.

A customer from Columbus, Ohio, USA
Weird little guys
These appear to have the 4 LED chips in series, for a forward voltage drop of about 3.7V. They are really not very bright at all. Even at 5V and 25ma, they are pretty dim.