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Product Description
Old-style 10mm diameter x 3mm high dome led. 12 green LED chips emit a soft, yellowish green glow. Lights on 12 VDC.

Note: Should be mounted on heat sink for continuous use. These are new, functional parts, but they are sensitive to over-voltage and over-current. Therefore, we cannot guarantee them.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Reviewer: from DENVER, CO USA

EDITORS NOTE: The original description had the wrong 24V rating. These are 12V and our description has been changed. 0- - - - -These are NOT 24V LEDS! If you connect one of these to a 24V source YOU WILL DESTROY IT!

When first bought some of these, I took one out of the package and connected it to a 24VDC PSU without a second thought. It immediately burnt out and the plastic lens started melting and smoking. The advertised 24V rating is way off.

I hooked another one to my adjustable PSU and found that it was happy around 11.5V. These are pretty sensitive to small changes in voltage. Once I got to 12V it started getting pretty hot and the color started changing to yellow/orange. I would highly recommend that you DO NOT EXCEED 12V.

Besides the fact that I melted the first one, these are pretty cool little LEDs. They have a pale green color and a very wide viewing angle. They make great "power on" indicator lights. They also have very low power consumption, drawing only 15mA @ 11.5V.

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