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Product Description
Earthtronics Model LEDX485090.
120Vac, 60Hz, 0.062A, 3.5W.
Color temperature: 5000K "Cool-white".
6" diameter LED fixture. Off-white (beige) plastic assembly snaps into a 7.5" diameter metal rough-in frame. 1.25" overall depth, including 0.16" lip. Array of 61 LEDs provides a fairly bright light. We don't have specs, but the intensity is approximately that of a 50-60W incandescent lamp.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Not a review but a question

Reviewer: from High Point NC USA or out to sea.

Can these be made to run on 12 volts?
Maybe with a little creative rewiring.
Or are the leads to the LEDs encased in glue?

ALL ELECTRONICS REPLY: We opened one and checked... the LEDs aren't encased, so you could probably try to do whatever you want. The leads are bare, so you should be able solder right to them.

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Handy and dimmable

Reviewer: from Tulsa, OK

I have hung two of these units above my service bench. They emit a nice white light (good for color codes). Not too bright-just right. And as I said-dimmable.

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Another question

Reviewer: from NYC, NY USA

What is the depth requirement for the fixture. It appears to not be flush mount, ie. the surface lip. But how thick is the depth requirement- necessary for a under cabinet surface mount. Thanks,

ALL ELECTRONICS: 1.25" overall depth, including 0.16" lip (we've added it to the description). Hope this helps.

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First comment

Reviewer: from Atlanta GA suburbs.

These things are Bright!!! My wife has been after me to put some lights under the kitchen cabinets to light the counter surfaces, but I couldn't find anything that wasn't in the way. I think this will work just fine as they are flat. I will do l little more exprimenting and report on the results.

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Nice lights

Reviewer: from York, PA

Got 4 of these for my back porch. 'Dimmable' means either low or high illumination, no 'slide' One of the 4, 1/2 the LED's don't work, the other 3 are fine. I like them - they work well, even the 1/2 one, which I used anyway. The 'dim' setting is just the right about for night light, 'full' is VERY bright.

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