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A bright, warm-white LED assembly designed for 12 Volt usage, they are operational from 8-25 Volts AC or DC. Low temperature, low current lighting, great for architectural applications, cabinets, shelves, as well as marine, RV, landscape and gaming applications. Twelve bright SMD LEDs on a 31.5mm (1.24") diameter disc, overall thickness less than 10mm. Built in circuitry and voltage regulator. Dimmable. Color temperature: 3500-3600K degrees. 4mm lead spacing fits G4, bi-pin sockets like our CAT#s HLS-3 and HLS-4. Also available in 15 LED configuration, see CAT# LED-615WW.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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great for outdoor lighting 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from SN LUIS OBISP, CA USA

We wanted to add outdoor lighting in our backyard, but didn't like any of the commercial 12V lighting units, so we made our own, based on these LEDs. They use about 150mA at 12V (so about 2 Watts) and are very bright (you can't look directly at them). They work great with Home Depot's Malibu 12V AC transformers. Note that despite being LEDs, they work with both 12V DC and AC power supplies. Normally LEDs are DC items with a strict connection polarity, but obviously the circuit these LEDs are built around adapt to whatever you throw at them. A quick test with a 9V battery will turn them on regardless of polarity. Very nice LEDs...good price too. Easy to recess into a wooden holder with a 1 1/4" wood spade bit. Electrical connections are nice and long with easy access.

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