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Chicago Miniature # CMD119EGW. Three-lead, rectangular LED lights red or green. Milky-white in off-state. Center, common lead is cathode. Led face is 2mm x 5mm.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Wichita KANSAS
directional motor indicator
Using a center off momentary DPDT toggle to energize a motor remotely (screwdriver antenna) I placed one of these BI-color Leds just after my switch. 2 outside leads to each motor lead, the center through a 1K ohm resister to ground for a 12V system. whichever motor lead becomes +12V the led lights Red or Green. FYI...shortest outside lead is GREEN, Longer outside leg is RED, Middle leg, common to limiting resistor (1K ohm @12V gave me 29.5ma current)

A customer from In my house
Uneven powering
The red side works at 100 milli amps, 3 volts. The green side works at 50 milli amps, 3 volts