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Product Description
Ultra-bright, wide viewing angle 5mm (T 1-3/4) LED. Purple (hot pink). Frosted in off state.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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How this 'purple' LED is made:

Reviewer: from LA

This LED is in reality a blue LED with an orange and green blocking phosphor gooped on the blue surface die. It has a slight blue central hotspot with lavender on the edges of the beam. A very overall lavender LED. This is the closest thing to a true purple out there on the market. True, there are some true UV LEDs out on the market, but this is a great alternative with no bad UV side affects to your eyes.The light is kinda dim MCD wise. That is why the beam angle appears to be 10º-15º degree viewing angle. It's trying to make up for the fact that it is dim by having a smaller viewing angle. It is by all means MUCH more brighter than any indicator LED, but don't expect to make a keychain light out of this if you need alot of light. Overall, GREAT for indicator lights and car stereo lighting. Not so good as a Photon replacement LED. 5 Stars!!!

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Excellent Color!

Reviewer: from Milford, NJ

Looking at the reviews below I think I can understand why the color seems to vary between reviewers. At different currents the color is different. From a deep purple at low current to a hot pink at high current. This is much like how a green LED can look yellow when overpowered. Just try playing with the current a little for different colors. Overall excellent product!

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Great Color, perfect for indicators, 'fun'!!

Reviewer: from Milwaukee, WI US

Highly Recommended! My sample appeared more 'light purple' than lavender or hot pink, but still great for displays, just plain fun, or, in my case using to replace Power LED's in game consoles. Not as bright as most 'ultrabrights', but still impressive on a pair of AA batteries. Will be ordering more!!

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Not really purple...

Reviewer: from Colorado Springs, CO US

Nice and bright, but really more "hot pink" than purple.

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The colour is more like Magenta...

Reviewer: from Dayton, OH USA

...but is a very compelling colour for displays and indicators. A great alternative to the typical GaAsP Red or Yellow.

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