$1.10 each
100 to 999 $0.90 each
1000 or more $0.75 each
Ultra-bright, wide viewing angle 5mm (T 1-3/4) LED. Improved brightness and color consistency. PURPLE (HOT PINK). Water clear in off state. 1000+ mcd.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Average Customer Review:  (6 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Colorado Springs, CO US
Not really purple...
Nice and bright, but really more "hot pink" than purple.

A customer from Dayton, OH USA
The colour is more like Magenta...
...but is a very compelling colour for displays and indicators. A great alternative to the typical GaAsP Red or Yellow.

A customer from LA
How this 'purple' LED is made:
This LED is in reality a blue LED with an orange and green blocking phosphor gooped on the blue surface die. It has a slight blue central hotspot with lavender on the edges of the beam. A very overall lavender LED. This is the closest thing to a true purple out there on the market. True, there are some true UV LEDs out on the market, but this is a great alternative with no bad UV side affects to your eyes.The light is kinda dim MCD wise. That is why the beam angle appears to be 10º-15º degree viewing angle. It's trying to make up for the fact that it is dim by having a smaller viewing angle. It is by all means MUCH more brighter than any indicator LED, but don't expect to make a keychain light out of this if you need alot of light. Overall, GREAT for indicator lights and car stereo lighting. Not so good as a Photon replacement LED. 5 Stars!!!

A customer from CO
3.0-3.3v, 3.5v MAX (low duration), 10-15mA

A customer from Milford, NJ
Excellent Color!
Looking at the reviews below I think I can understand why the color seems to vary between reviewers. At different currents the color is different. From a deep purple at low current to a hot pink at high current. This is much like how a green LED can look yellow when overpowered. Just try playing with the current a little for different colors. Overall excellent product!