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$10.00 each
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Keep a good selection of LEDs on hand for whatever your project might require. Red, green, blue, yellow (diffused) and white (point-source) 5mm LED assortment. 100 pieces of each color. Clear plastic divided box with locking lid.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Good Value

Reviewer: from NJ USA

A nice assortment for the price, quite bright even at 2 to 3 mA and closely matched for brightness vs. current. The shorter lead is nearly 1/2 inch below the board-seating bulge. (The leads on their clear, multisized cousins are about 1/16 inch shorter.)

The biggest flaw is that neither assortment includes orange, but orange to the human eye and orange to a detector can be different, so choosing a good orange may be hard.

Good value overall.

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Warning: Very Low Forward Voltage!

Reviewer: from Baltimore, MD

I just received my 100-piece LED assortment and am disappointed. The forward voltage of these LEDs appears to around 1.5 volts. I bought these LEDs to use in my 2-volt environment and am frying them left and right. I wish the Product Description had stated their required forward voltage. They are too "touchy" with regard to input voltage. All 5mm green LEDs I have purchased in the past operate well from 2.0 to 2.2 volts. These are trash by this voltage setting.

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