$2.50 each
100 or more $2.25 each
Two L.E.D.'s flash in unison when a 9 volt battery is attached. This kit includes a p.c. board, all the parts and instructions to make a simple flasher circuit. A quick and easy project for anyone with basic soldering skills.

Note: Kits cannot be returned or exchanged once assembly has begun.
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Average Customer Review:  (7 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from PLANTATION, FL US
Educational Kit
Buy 10 to 20 of these every semester for use in the "soldering" section of my basic electronics class. Very simple to construct but conveys the basics of p.c. board soldering and part placement. Kit has always worked and is now considered to be manditory for successful completion of class. In the semester ending in December, the Red and Green LED's give a nice Christmas touch.

A customer from Kalamazoo
Easy and Fun
This was a fun and easy soldering project for the kids in the Kalamazoo ARC Youth Group. A fairly easy project, and a little more than basic soldering skills are required.

A customer from Third Star from the left
Equations for "Unusual Design"
t1 = 0.69R1C (Cap charge time till 555 Out H>L)
t2 = 0.96RpC (Cap discharge time till 555 Out L>H)

Where R1 = 120K, R2 = 33K,
Rp = R1||R2 = 26K

A customer from Medford, OR
Unusual design!!
This kit is easy to assemble. It uses a 555 but the circuit is not the usual astable design (with a resistor between pins 8 and 7 and a resistor between pins 7 and 6 & 2). Your design has a resistor between pins 8 and 6 & 2 and a resistor between pins 6 & 2 and 7.

Why is the design different?
Can I use the regular formulas to calculate frequency and duty cycle?

Thank you for nice product!!!

A customer from OH USA
Great kit for BSA electronics merit badge
This kit works well for meeting several of the electronics merit badge requirements. Scouts will learn about the components, how to solder, and circuit operation.