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Product Description
National Semiconductor # LM34DZ. Precision integrated circuit temperature sensor whose voltage is linearly proportional to the Fahrenheit temperature. TO-92 package. Operates on 5 - 30 volts. Requires no external calibration or trimming to provide accuracies of 1 degree F at room temperature. Operates on +32 to +212 degrees F. Spec. sheet available.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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mislabeled LM34s

Reviewer: from NJ USA

As another customer already noticed, some LM34s seem to be actually mislabeled LM35 which produce an output proportional to the temperature in degrees Celsius. Eight of ten sensors I ordered were of that kind. Check your order. EDITORS NOTE: We did receive a shippment of LM34 which appeared to have some mismarked. They have been replaced with the proper part.

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Good stuff

Reviewer: from FREELAND, MI US

Bought this to mess around with and i hooked the supply up wrong and almost cooked it but its still working fine. nice and sturdy for the new people out there. also its very accurate from what i can tell.(compared to kitchen thermo and a thermostat i have around here)

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Good news, bad news...

Reviewer: from Southern California USA

I recently purchased some of these for a project. The first one did not read correctly so I tried another and another. A few of them do read very accurately. I have determined that the rest of them are mis-marked LM35's and are reading celsius very accurately. Great price if you can use them anyway.

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Handy sensor

Reviewer: from Dearborn, MI US

This TO-92 sized sensor is fairly easy to use, I just added a Digital Panel Meter and a voltage divider to scale the DPM for 1.99V full scale. For best results I suggest a 5V power supply rather than higher voltages to avoid self heating resulting in higher than actual readings. Thermally attaching it to some form of heat sink may also help. In my case, I attached three conductors ripped down from ribbon cable to it and enclosed it in a short piece of copper tubbing with heat transfer paste inside and sealed in epoxy, to result in a sensor that would match a mercury filled one it was to replace.
Being in a plastic case, the best thermal path into it is through the leads, so some consideration is required.

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Great little sensor

Reviewer: from Austin, TX

I'm using this to activate a fan that cools an audio amp I have in the garage. This thing works great.

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