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General purpose tone decoder. 8 pin DIP package.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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The Versatile LM567

Reviewer: from Dawson Creek, BC, mile zero on the Alaska Highway.

Here is a "chip" that has been a feature item in the Radshak books FOREVER!
It can be used as a frequency sensitive filter - 50 to 200 millivolts input, at pin 3; a frequency generator (using pin 6 for 'modified sine' or pin 5 for square wave outputs) - read the part about loading; a decoder (using pin 8); a frequency generator; a PLL fm detector; a 'limited' VCO.
There are many other uses, yet to be discovered.
Oh yes, AND a 2 tone generator.
Yes, this is much more than the simple tone decoder most believe it to be.
Just one caveat: its limited to about 500 kHz.

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