$2.50 each
10 or more $2.25 each
This good looking fixture is a great beginning for a shelf or display lighting project. Bright, white 1 Watt LED enclosed in a rugged black and yellow hard plastic housing with a conical reflector and a clear plastic front lens. Overall dimensions, 2.16" diameter x 3.45" long. Two wire leads. Operates on 3 Vdc @ 300 mA. For higher voltages use a dropping resistor (see image to left).
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Hot Springs, AR
Parabolic, actually! As in spotlight.
It actually appears to be a PARABOLIC reflector.
Makes great daytime running lights.
- And possibly fog lights, with proper mounting.
More info, photos and construction ideas at -
a non-commercial, purely educational website.
Scroll down to "Low Tech Electronics"
and follow the links.
(I was unable to upload pics to this reviews page.)

A customer from Hayward, CA
It Works Great!
I bought a 2 "D" cell battery holder, made a "U" bracket and mounted it on the battery holder. Put the LED assy on a 1/4" bolt with rubber hose to provide clutch like drag and put a PB and SFST switch on the bracket. The weight of the batteries holds in in place and you can position the light on your work or a buliding 100 yards away. The 3V works perfect.

Brian W. Antoine from Spokane, WA
Dropping Resistor?
This module has a Dewalt part number on it, DCL040, and it appears to have a driver included that can handle up to 20V input without the need of any dropping resistor.