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This good looking fixture is a great beginning for a shelf or display lighting project. Bright, white 1 Watt LED enclosed in a rugged black and yellow hard plastic housing with a conical reflector and a clear plastic front lens. Overall dimensions, 2.16" diameter x 3.45" long. Two wire leads. Operates on 3 Vdc @ 300 mA. For higher voltages use a dropping resistor (see image to left).
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Dropping Resistor?

Reviewer: from Spokane, WA

This module has a Dewalt part number on it, DCL040, and it appears to have a driver included that can handle up to 20V input without the need of any dropping resistor.

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It Works Great!

Reviewer: from Hayward, CA

I bought a 2 "D" cell battery holder, made a "U" bracket and mounted it on the battery holder. Put the LED assy on a 1/4" bolt with rubber hose to provide clutch like drag and put a PB and SFST switch on the bracket. The weight of the batteries holds in in place and you can position the light on your work or a buliding 100 yards away. The 3V works perfect.

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Nice little lights

Reviewer: from York, PA

WARNING - DO NOT try to run more than 3V thru these, they WILL burn out IMMEDIATELY.

With that said, using the recommended dropping resistor, they work extremely well on 12 V, even with the volt increase from the alternator.

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Parabolic, actually! As in spotlight.

Reviewer: from Hot Springs, AR

It actually appears to be a PARABOLIC reflector.
Makes great daytime running lights.
- And possibly fog lights, with proper mounting.
More info, photos and construction ideas at -
a non-commercial, purely educational website.
Scroll down to "Low Tech Electronics"
and follow the links.
(I was unable to upload pics to this reviews page.)

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Reviewer: from Michigan

Exceedingly well built. Ran a life test of 300 ma for couple weeks continuous. Ran life test at 400 ma for maybe ten hours. Took one apart for inspection; had to score the black ring about a quarter inch above the yellow body with a hacksaw and twist off with large channel lock pliers. The reflector and led holder are metal and form the heatsink. You can salvage the black ring and reassemble with good tape if you want to. At this price I bought several. Plan to run one into quick failure to determine upper current limit and another at increasing currents to determine practical usable limit. I expect it will be around 500 ma. A 47 ohm 10 watt dropping resistor allows it to run at 300 ma with 12 volt supply. A friend is going to use a couple as headlights for small motorcycle. I bought ten for now.

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