$1.50 each
Great parts source for a shelf or display lighting project. Bright, white 1 Watt LED enclosed in a rugged black and yellow hard plastic housing with a conical reflector and a clear plastic front lens. Overall dimensions, 2.16" diameter x 3.45" long. Operates on 3 Vdc @ 300 mA. For higher voltages use a dropping resistor (see image to left).

Note: The plastic housing needs to be disassembled to access the short pigtails connected to the LED. This requires removing a screw, then using a thin screwdriver or similar tool release the three tabs connecting the front and back of housing. It is a tight-fitting, not-very-flexible plastic assembly, that may require some work to open.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Manati, Puerto Rico
Nice light but Tough nut to crack open
Nice bright, inexpensive light with a good reflector. Its tough to crack open the plastic shell halves ! Which you need to do to get at the 2 wires to light this baby up.

A customer from illinois
removing the lens assy.
I got 5 five of these, very nice except the connections are really tough to get to. Finally got one apart by prying. The 2nd one I used a vise to hold the two flat sides and a pipe wrench to twist the cover 45 degrees and then pulled the lens assy off. You need to want to twist the lens assy, but it will turn. best