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Project, special-effects or shelf light. Interesting little LED lamp assembly, 2.57" x 1.81" x 0.54" overall. White plastic bezel and case with a clear lens, half of which is louvered to direct some of the light up or down. The chip-type LEDs provide a fairly bright white light. They operate on 3.6Vdc, or higher voltages when used with a resistor (see our LED usage chart). Note: Removed from refrigerators, some with scuff marks and scratches, they are probably moisture-resistant.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

rick from Indiana
Under counter lights
These are awesome I have 2 under my kitchen cabinets and they light up the counter great! a very cheap way to have light were some light is needed.. I use the 3 volt adapter that all electronics sell... Under the cabinet lights for 5 bucks can't beat it!

Rick Horwitz from Raleigh NC
Good light
Works as described. They are used, so expect minor scratches. The asymmetric diffused lens may not be suited for all projects

A customer from Dallas
What's the current draw? Does this have a constant current driver built in? Needing to power this off a 48v Lithium battery (43ish to 51ish volts)

ALL ELECTRONICS REPLY: It draws around 400 mA. It doesn't have a constant current driver. As far a how to run it off a 48v lithium battery - we have no idea.