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Product Description
Rated 12v @ 50 ma.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Comparable to original address sign grain of wheat lamps

Reviewer: from Petaluma, CA

The 4 grain of wheat lamps in our 1980s era Aero-Lite street address with 3 inch letters sign powered by a standard doorbell transformer had burned out.

The current replacement from the manufacturer is an easy to install bracket holding 2 automotive #193 lamps. However with these lamps, the fixture consumes 210 ma 24/7 and the illumination is uneven.

Using these LP-6 lamps, 2 sets of 2 in series, the fixture is very close to the original grain of wheat lamps in evenly distributed comparable brightness, and the fixture only comsumes 80ma.

When I ordered these LP-6 from AllElectronics, I also ordered the LP-23, LP-110, LP-28, and LED-12W with AC to DC components.

LP-6 appears to be the best choice for ease of installation (long insulated leads), smooth even brightness (matches original) and power consumption.

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Model Train Set

Reviewer: from BATESVILLE, IN USA

Great lamps for an HO scale model train set. The 14V is great, because the train/hobby transformer spits out 14.5VAC. Great Stuff, and much cheaper than hobbyist-band-name lamps.

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Reviewer: from CA

I bought some of these lamps a few years ago. I turned one of them on using a 9V wall-wart on Sept 5, 2007. Except for two power outages of approx 2 hrs total, they've been lit since then... Remarkable!

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