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S.P.S.T., on-off rocker switches with aqua LED indicators on one side of rocker. Built-in resistors allow operation on 12 Vdc. Can be wired to be always on, or only when contacts are closed. Round bodies conveniently snap-mount in round hole. Matte-black rocker and bezel. Bezel is 0.9" diameter. Conveniently snap-mounts in 0.8" diameter hole. Rated 10A / 250 Vac, 15A / 125 Vac. 0.187" qc or solder terminals.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Found these switches to be tricky when LED always on mode desired

Reviewer: from PELHAM, AL USA

The other posting about how to wire these switches for LED always on vs. on with toggle is correct. But I found that all 4 of these that I purchased would not properly light the LED in the Always On configuration. After prying off the rocker, I discovered that the contact on terminal #3 that SHOULD contact the LED's non-resistor lead was intermittent. After re-springing the terminal contact and in one case the LED lead, and re-clipping the rocker it worked as it should when wired for always ON: Load on terminal 1, +12vdc on terminal 2, ground on terminal 3. Note that this is only a problem if you want the LED to always be on rather than on when load is on. (Strangely, a 5th purchased (red LED) switch #LRS-R worked fine -clearly a better quality switch. )

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