$1.00 3-led segment
10 or more $0.90 per 3-led segment
Bright, flexible, easy-to-use LED light strip. Ultra-bright, white surface-mount leds on a flexible, 8mm wide, adhesive backed ribbon. Ideal for accent lighting in auto or home. Also great for under cabinet or shelf lighting. Ribbon strip can be cut every 50mm (approx. 2"). Each 50mm segment consists of three LEDs on 15mm centers and can be lit independently. Each segment has clearly marked solder spots for power connection. Wires can be soldered directly to ribbon tape or, push-on connectors, CAT# CON-121 and CON-122 are available. Sold as a continuous ribbon, up to 5 Meters (100 segments). Priced per 3-led, 50mm segments.

We also have this in "Warm-White," CAT# LS-12-WW and "Neutral-White," CAT# LS-12-NW. "Cool-White" is whiter, more like a fluorescent light. "Warm-White" is yellower, more like an incandescent light, and "Neutral-White" is somewhere in between.

12Vdc, 25 mA per 3-led segment
Color temperature: 6500K
Viewing Angle: 120 Degree
Peel-off 3M® adhesive backing
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from San Antonio, TX
Works well with 12-Volt Lighting System
I have used 4 strips of 30 LEDs each, wired together and hooked up to my 12-Volt SLA Battery.
These are mounted in a picture frame and covered with a light diffuser. The light from this is quite bright. My wife likes it. We use it at night to illuminate the living room.
In the day time, the battery is recharged by a solar panel.
I can highly recommend these strip lights. They are easy to work with and work well.

Donald Tierce from Corpus Christi, Texas
Doll House Lighting with LEDs
The CAT# LS-12-WW was recently used in a shadow-box project at a doll house miniature convention class. They worked very well and were used for indirect lighting. The warm white was chosen instead of the cool white because of past experience with the color of the light from LEDs. The CON-120 Power Connector, PB-21 switch and a 9V battery with snap made up the circuit. In tests the 9V battery kept the LS-12-ww ( one three LED section) lit for 14 days, although it was not very bright after the battery dropped below 8V after about 7 days. They are brighter on a 12V transformer and seem to be tolerant over a range of voltage. After years of frustration with doll house lighting I am glad to find LEDs.