$2.65 module
10 to 49 $2.35 per module
50 or more $2.00 per module
Rugged, high-luminosity 3-LED module suitable for indoor or outdoor, shelf, display or sign lighting. Operates on 12Vdc. Dimmable. Covered lens protects against humidity and sun damage. 50,000 hour, long-life LEDs. 3M® double-stick tape on back of each module for attachment to clean, flat surface. Also has a hole for screw mounting. Modules are linked on 2-conductor 18AWG zip cord, 161mm (6.5") center-to-center spacing. 3.75" wire between each module. Maximum string is 50 modules, 10 Meters (32Ft). Also available in cool-white, red, green, yellow and blue, CAT#s LS-123 (CW)(R) (G) (Y) (B). UL, CE.

Specifications: 12Vdc, 0.72W each module. String of 50 modules = 12Vdc, 36W, 3A.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from Tampa Bay
Bright warm white LED module
I used 10 of these to re-build 2 "Ott-Lite" fluorescent floor lamps. They are very bright and show a slightly yellow tinge to the light. Running them on a small 12v switching wall wart. 5 modules draw 105ma. These are made for the commercial sign industry from what I can find. I found the mfr's spec sheet but it does not show the max DC voltage rating. It just say 12 vdc. They seem to be fine at 13.6 - 13.8 vdc.