$1.40 module
20 to 99 $1.10 per module
100 or more $0.85 per module
Bright white 3-led modules. Operate on 12Vdc. Each weather-resistant epoxy sealed module is 0.55" wide with mounting holes at each end on 3.3" centers. 3.5" wire leads connect the modules. Very bright, but not as bright as our LS-123CW modules. Suitable for shelf lighting and displays. Dimmable. String of 20 modules.

Power: 0.72W per module
Viewing Angle: 140-150°
Luminous Flux: 18-20lm
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Kent, Ohio
Double check before you order.
Pay attention when ordering this part...The product description depicts a string of 20 but the price is for individual modules..My fault for overlooking that but I'll be orderring more again soon...This is a good inexpensive light source

A customer from Hamilton NJ
Great low Voltage lighting
Simple, Clean, Bright white light on 12 Volts. Simple wire connection with two wires between modules. I used them for emergency lighting, battery tent lights, inside closets in my camper with door switch, and displays. Water proof so just about anywhere.