CAT # LS-22

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$0.75 3-led segment
100 + $0.35 per 3-led segment
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Product Description
Flexible, adhesive-backed light strip with surface mount LEDs that can light red, green, blue, or combination of colors. Colors activated together appear white. Operates on 12Vdc. 10mm wide strip has 3M® adhesive backing. Strips can be connected end to end for longer lengths. Can be cut every 3 LEDs and retain functionality. A full strip is 16.4 Ft., 100 segments, 300 LEDS, with color-coded pigtail leads at both ends - to purchase a full strip, see our CAT# LS-22RGB. 18 Lumens, 0.75 watt per three led segment.

Sold in 2" (50mm) segments. Each of these 3-LED segments has clearly marked solder spots at both ends for attachment of wires.

To change colors, dim or choose from a variety of programmed sequences, see our controller, CAT# CT-30.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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