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Bright, flexible, easy-to-use LED light strip. Approximately 7' long x 0.40" wide strip, with 124 ultra-bright, cool-white surface-mount LEDs. These were removed from new, working displays, so there's some sticky residue left on the back of the strips. Ribbon strip can be cut every 50mm (approx. 2"). Each segment has 3 LEDs with clearly marked solder spots for power connection. Great accent lighting in auto or home. Ideal for under cabinet or shelf lighting. Power requirement: 12Vdc / 1.5A per 7 ft. strip. 12Vdc / 50 mA per 3-led segment.

Wires can be soldered directly to ribbon tape or, push-on connectors, CAT# CON-121 and CON-127 are available.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Requires a bit of TLC

Reviewer: from Victoria, BC Canada

On the first strip I received, the two LEDs nearest the power connector had been crushed and didn't work, but the rest of the strip was fine. On the second strip, the last LED had been mangled and only about a third of the strip lit up due to bad connections between segments. These are still good value, but don't expect a working 7' strip without having to do a bit of soldering.

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LED strips

Reviewer: from Los Angeles

A few things:

They are indeed very flexible. They come rolled up barely 3" square

They are slightly sticky, but it's not an adhesive you can count on to do anything besides pick up grunge and hair.

They're not ferociously bright - I can look into them as long as I want to - but they're bright enough. They can be used as real task lighting, not merely 'mood' lighting. Two are lighting my room as I write this... ;)

There's a reason they're 'approximately' 7' long - they're made out of several smaller sections soldered together. I guess the 'removal from new product' didn't always go smoothly - and they stuck the pieces back together to make longer ones.

Expect the end to be an LED, not solder pads. To daisy-chain several, expect to lose a few LEDs each time, or have a 'tail'.

The LEDs radiate at almost 180 degrees. These are not directional lights.

They run warm. Comfortably warm, but you probably don't want these on all the time in your meat locker.

The power supply PS-1272 can happily run two in series, although then it warms up a little also.

Otherwise, I kinda like them. I'm looking forwards to a permanent installation.

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