CAT# LT-100
$8.95 each
Pocket-size led tester. Makes it easy to check functionality, color, brightness and uniformity. Plug any leaded LED into one of 12 positions on the socket strip to test at current ratings from 2-50ma. The seven middle positions on the strip are set at 10 mA allowing comparison of LEDs in those spaces. Requires 9 v battery (not included).
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Average Customer Review:  (12 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from HUNTINGTN BCH, CA US
Good deal for the price
This is a inexpensive knock off of the LUMEX LED Tester Box at 1/4 the cost. It does however use a cheaper header than the screw machined header on the LUMEX tester so the insertion
life will be less. If you need to test hundreds of LEDs you would need a ZIF socket which even the LUMEX tester does not have. The new LUMEX tester now tests 3 terminal devices for the same price but the price is still closer to 40$ than 10$. Good addition to the tool box.

A customer from ALISO VIEJO, CA US
Good but not built for long life
This is a good little tester but I've had mine for a few months and the sockets (where the LEDs plug in) are already getting loose. Even in the ones that I use infrequently (like 2 & 5 ma) I have to wiggle the LED around to get it to light. And, though I have used it on several hundred LEDs so far, this started happening right away. But, I do use it a lot, and asside from the sloppy sockets, it's still working.

Also, it uses resisters to limit the current, not constant current sources, so as the battery runs down, the current level changes.

But heck, for 9 bucks, it ain't bad.

A customer from Finksburg MD
Build it yourself or buy it for more!
Sure, with a hand full of dime priced parts and a little time and you can build this gadget, but put your time to better use. Look in the current Digi-Key catalog, page 1071, Stock# 67-1398-ND You can buy it for only $38.00!

Now, get back to the order screen and
buy this tester from ALL Electronics (before they read this and increase their price!)

A customer from Redmond, Oregon
Nice Tool
Very handy tool. My tool doesn't look like the one pictured but it works great. If your into electronics you won't go wrong with this purchase. Seriously.

A customer from TULSA, OK USA
Not so great for white LEDs
White LEDs are the "worst case" for testing with their typically high Fv and high current that varies widely. Trying to match color and brightness of a handful of T-3/T-5's is a royal pain. Even using this as a "QC" check for "typical" current hasn't worked the best for me. I'd give it 3 1/2 stars if I could, as it's handy to have. I'd pay triple for a unit I could plug say 10 LEDs into, set the Fv and current I want and test them as a group. Even DIY building something like that would cost $50-75.