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Handy device for testing LEDs (2-150mA). Simply plug your LED into the correct holes and push the button to test its brightness, illuminant color, etc. The top row is for 2 pin LEDs with currents ranging from 2mA - 30mA. The bottom row is for 4 pin LEDs (super-flux LEDs) with currents ranging from 20mA - 150mA. Powered by a 9V battery (included). Approximate size: 3.15" x 2.16" x 0.87"
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Good deal for the price

Reviewer: from HUNTINGTN BCH, CA US

This is a inexpensive knock off of the LUMEX LED Tester Box at 1/4 the cost. It does however use a cheaper header than the screw machined header on the LUMEX tester so the insertion
life will be less. If you need to test hundreds of LEDs you would need a ZIF socket which even the LUMEX tester does not have. The new LUMEX tester now tests 3 terminal devices for the same price but the price is still closer to 40$ than 10$. Good addition to the tool box.

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handy LED tester

Reviewer: from Santa Barbara, CA

I paid $16 for one of these at a local electronics store for work, and it has been extremely useful for identifying LEDs from the scrap bin. It simply uses a 9 volt battery and resistors (and a push-button switch) to limit the current through LEDs - no fancy current regulation, so the 2-50mA current ratings are a rough indication and not accurate depending on the voltage drop of the LED under test. Accuracy aside this is a great price for a tester that quickly allows you to determine the polarity, color and relative brightness of any LED. Highly recommended!

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LED Tester

Reviewer: from Lafayette, LA USA

I love the LED tester. It is useful for testing LEDs of any color and makes determining polarity easier.

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Not so great for white LEDs

Reviewer: from TULSA, OK USA

White LEDs are the "worst case" for testing with their typically high Fv and high current that varies widely. Trying to match color and brightness of a handful of T-3/T-5's is a royal pain. Even using this as a "QC" check for "typical" current hasn't worked the best for me. I'd give it 3 1/2 stars if I could, as it's handy to have. I'd pay triple for a unit I could plug say 10 LEDs into, set the Fv and current I want and test them as a group. Even DIY building something like that would cost $50-75.

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A bit defective

Reviewer: from LOS ANGELES, CA US

There was a defect in mine. The current-limiting resistor for the 30mA branch is 3300 Ohms (the same as the 2mA branch). Other than that, it works fine. I figure it should be around a 230 Ohm resistor instead. It seems like this is an isolated problem, since it works for others.

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