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50mm x 15mm x 5mm (1.97" x 0.59" x 0.21"). Powerful neodymium magnet. Nickel-plated finish.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Is this magnet magnetized through the thickness?

Reviewer: from New Mexico

Where is N and S in this magnet? Most Nd bar magnets are through the "thickness" -- S & N on opposite sides of the thinest dimension... Just would like to know before I order...

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Extreme magnetism!

Reviewer: from Simi Valley, Ca.

Very strong for it's size. Perfect size for traffic light inductive loop triggering for your motorcycle/bicycle.

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Nice Strong Magnets

Reviewer: from Norfolk, Virginia, USA

I bought some of these to experiment with and found that they are really nice for hanging tools. I stuck two on the bottom of a metal cabinet over my workbench and hang pliers and screwdrivers from them.
So far they have held needle nose pliers, linemen's pliers, side cutters and several screw drivers without issue.

Be careful though, because these are STRONG. Don't let your fingers get between them!

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A great magnet

Reviewer: from Crisfield, MD

Unbelievably strong, fun to fool around with, great for all kinds of uses. I usually buy one anytime I place an order.

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