CAT# MAG-132
$3.95 each
10 or more $3.65 each
50mm x 15mm x 5mm (1.97" x 0.59" x 0.21"). Powerful neodymium magnet. Nickel-plated finish.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Simi Valley, Ca.
Extreme magnetism!
Very strong for it's size. Perfect size for traffic light inductive loop triggering for your motorcycle/bicycle.

Lorin Edwin Parker from New Mexico
Is this magnet magnetized through the thickness?
Where is N and S in this magnet? Most Nd bar magnets are through the "thickness" -- S & N on opposite sides of the thinest dimension... Just would like to know before I order...

A customer from Crisfield, MD
A great magnet
Unbelievably strong, fun to fool around with, great for all kinds of uses. I usually buy one anytime I place an order.