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0.105" X 0.2" X 0.4" NEODYMIUM MAGNET

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Product Description
Shiny, nickel-plated neodymium rectangle. 0.2" x 0.4" x 0.105."
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Good or Bad? Depends on what you want to do with i

Reviewer: from USA

These are nice, strong little magnets. Trouble is, the catalog description fails to mention the magnetization direction. Neodyms are most often magnetized across their shortest dimension, which also usually means the poles are on the surfaces of largest area. These magnets (or at least the ones I got) are magnetized across their 0.4" length, meaning the poles are located on the 0.1x0.2" ends. Keep this in mind when planning your application - these magnets may be fine for some applications, but they are useless for your new LRK or CDROM brushless motor conversion project.

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Magnetic pole surface issue.

Reviewer: from Springboro, OH US

Based on the first comment above, perhaps different products are being shipped as MAG-74 or the commenter was shipped MAG-58 by mistake.

All of the 100+ MAG-74 magnets I received had the poles on the largest surface. They "prefer" to lie flat on a horizontal steel plate.

All of the 50 MAG-58 magnets I ordered had the poles on the smallest surface. They "prefer" to stand on end on a horizontal steel plate.

The other difference between the MAG-74 and MAG-58 is the thickness. The MAG-58 is half as thick and will shatter (as the description states) if dropped on a hard floor.

The MAG-74 magnets are great refrigerator magnets and also work well on steel cubicle partitions.

The only use I can find for the MAG-58s is that they make a shiny magnetic "necklace" and are fun to play with.

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Great Little Magnets !!!

Reviewer: from Fowler, CO US

I have bought a lot of these little guys, and they lay flat on their wide side for me every time. I give them away to friends for their fridge, and everyone just loves their very strong hold, for no bigger then they are.

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