2 for $1.20
2 piece minimum order
100 or more $0.45 each
Shiny, nickel plated neodymium cylinder. 0.25" diameter x 0.2" long.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Arizona
Awesome Product
I learned about these magnets from my Dad, when I visited him recently. I saw these tiny magnets on his fridge and found it was very difficult to remove one and even more difficult to pull them apart from each other. I ordered a couple dozen. They replaced my big, ugly black ceramic magnets on my refrigerator and are not only stronger, but are much more aestheticly pleasing. I recommend these to everybody!

A customer from Crisfield, MD
I love these magnets!
Believe it or not, these magnets are strong enough to attract aluminum! Not stick to it, like it would ferrous metal, but if you suspend a lightweight piiece of aluminum from a string, you can make it move when you put the magnet close and then pull it away. They are also great for holding up posters or signs on metal doors, etc. Love them!

A customer from ROWLETT, TX USA
Will survive a 2 year old
I have my 2 year old grand son living with me for now and he loves to bump the fridge when riding his toy truck. All the previous fridge magnets would fall off when bumped. Not so with these little gems. If you want to make a great fridge magnet better, buy some yellow GB Butt splices (15-126) at Home Depot. Put the magnet on the bench and hammer a splice onto the magnet. No glue needed. Now you have strong magnet that is easy to move and use. Also found out that four of them taped on the back of my laminated "Radio Shop" sign stay on the metal door at the shop regardless of the Texas wind.