5 for $0.75
5 piece minimum order
100 or more $0.12 each
0.18" x 0.18" x 0.08" plated neodymium block.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from San Francisco, CA US
Teeny Weeny bundles of joy.
These quite strong, and very small. I like them. I believe these would typically be used for something like timing or positioning of rotary devices with hall-effect switches, as in automotive cam shafts, that sort of thing. I got a few dollars worth because they're fun to play with. Stick 'em on your ear lobes to make instant geeky earrings without the need to get pierced. How low-tech is THAT?

A customer from Los angeles
too many defectives
I bought around 50 of these in 2 orders. About half of them are extremely weak and inconsistent. The others are exactly as advertised.

A customer from Illinois
FunÂ…but not good enough.
I was looking for magnets to use in making DIY CD-ROM motors for flying RC airplanes, but these arenÂ’t quite up to snuff. TheyÂ’re good to play with or maybe to hold a hatch on a small airplane. A few of the ones I bought were very weak compared to the others, by about by half. These may be N38 magnetsÂ…maybe! I found a place I can get N50Â’s for about the same price. FYI you need N45 or better for a good brushless motor. DonÂ’t give these to children to play with, IÂ’ve read that Neodymium magnets are composed of a poisonous material, that is why they are plated. So it is recommended that you dispose of them if broken.

A customer from USA
Great little magnets really powerful. No defects here.
Tried them on 80mm fan blades for "perpetual" project and that's about it! Still, a great deal and has many uses. You prob want lil stronger magnets if your distance is more than 70-80mm from your target.