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Very-solid gray plastic enclosure designed for exposure to elements and vibration. The exterior case dimensions are 8.50" x 2.20" x 2.26". Length including mounting flanges is 10.32". The interior of the enclosure will accommodate an item up to 8.4" long. Approximately half of the interior has a molded circular frame for a 1.4" diameter cylinder (battery pack?). The remainder of the interior is a 1.55" x 1.80" rectangle. The end-piece fits securely with lap-joints and could be glued into place. Writing on one side of enclosure pertaining to UL and other standards and battery. Great for outdoor or vehicular applications.
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fleet tracker battery case

Reviewer: from ROCHESTER, NY USA

VeriWise® Track and Trace, GSMD100: a durable, low-profile, intrinsically safe device that provides unmatched speed of installation, extended battery life for ultra-low maintenance, and two-way wireless communications.

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