10 ft for $4.50
10 ft minimum order
100 to 299 $0.32 per ft
300 or more $0.30 per ft
22 gauge stranded conductor. Braided copper shield. Flexible black PVC outer jacket. 0.23" nominal O.D.
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Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from LOWELL, MA US
Great for audio
I have been using this wire for almost two years now to make interconnect cables as the need arise in my studio. I keep 100 feet on hand, and various metal cable ends around at all times, because you never know when you might need some odd cable. Also, if you build a cable yourself, you know it is built right, and will last.

MIKE-3M, MIKE-3F, MPRP, MPHM, and MPHS work beautifully with this cable.

Typically the cables I have built with these parts are 50pF per foot, and 0.05 ohms per foot. This yields a more than adequate frequency response for audio.

Brent Dennard from macclenny, FL
Love it!
I wish this wire came in 3-cond.
It's pretty flexible, and the conductors and their insulation is ok.
only problem is the sheilding is pretty
OK for unbalanced audio runs under normal circumstances UNDER say 10 feet or so.
Balanced (XLR) cables made with this can go further, in theory.

A customer from GREENWOOD, IN USA
Not bad, but decent
I am using this for 2 conductor with shield applications, like driving Air Pneumatic Solenoids. It is pretty solid and the braid is OK for shielding in this application. It would be the lowest quality that I would use for important audio cable.

Charles DelPino from TUCSON, AZ USA
extremely poor shielding
The braided copper shield is of such poor quality that I had to remove it from the microphone and replace the complete cord.
Buyer beware if you are going to use this cable on a high impedance input circuit.

A customer from USA
How long?
What is the length? EDITORS NOTE: 10 FEET