CAT# MC-51
$0.35 each
Five conductor female connector with chrome-plated shell with threaded coupling and black phenolic dielectric. Four-conductor shielded cable. Connector can be removed and reused on other cable. Strain-relief will accept up to 0.25" cable.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from PHOENIX, AZ USA
Good for the good old RCI line of CBs, & 10 meter transceivers.
I think Ranger made all the Galaxy, President, Uniden, and half or more of the Cobra CBs/10 meter radios. These fit a lot of those mic jacks, for adding better mics, or reverberation if you are into that. These also work on some ham radios too. You can run digital modes, linear amps, etc. Remember the legal limit for CB is 4 watts AM, and 12 watts SSB. That is why a trained chimpanzee can modify a 100 or 200 watt Galaxy from 10 to 11 meters CB with wire cutters & a soldering iron! ;-) Hey, if the FCC was really concerned they'd have moved CB up to UHF!LOL I have used these to run FKS, PSK, RTTY, and other digital modes with all manner of ham transceiver. I have also installed a lot of EQs, and reverberation units on CB radios. I do the Belton medium decay digital, and a few home brews that get very good reviews. It's not really my thing, but I don't judge, unless the check bounces. ;-) 73s! & Catch ya on the flip flop, stay safe, & have fun! I am a licensed ham, but I am too busy & laid back to join in any of those tired old arguments. I have owned & used both ham & CB, and I will have a CB next to the all band ham radios in the truck too. Ham, CB, cell phone, smoke signals, flare guns, if it ain't broke........

A customer from BLADEN, NE USA
5 pin "pigtail" cable
This has the 5 pin female w/ locking ring CB microphone plug on it that fits radios like the Cobra 2000 GTL, 148 GTL, and the Uniden President Madison. Great for adding inline outboard audio devices to these radios.