CAT# MK-127
$14.95 each
Velleman# MK-127. Bug-shaped miniature robot. Driven by two miniature motors, its photocell sensors seek light. Stops in total darkness. LED eyes indicate driving direction. 3.93" x 2.36." Operates on two AAA cells (not included).

Note: Kits cannot be returned or exchanged once assembly has begun.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from Vancouver, WA
Fun little bugger
This was a fun and quick little kit to put together. The components were of good quality. The directions are clear, but not exactly verbose. If you follow the PCB markings and double check all your polarities you'll be fine.

A good kit for learning to solder, not much to fry on this one ;)

When all is said and done the little bug works far better than I expected it would. The 10k pots included with it really do let you fine tune the LDR sensitivty to pretty much any light condition.

It comes with a length of rubber tubing you cut into sections for its 'feet'. I ended up replacing those with a couple of toy car wheels I had laying around and it seems to work better.

All in all, a fun kit to build a little robot!

Highly recommended.