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Normally open switch with 1/4" bushing and black plastic button. Ideal for most low current projects.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Low current is right!

Reviewer: from California

I bought and used several hundred of these.
The good news is this is a good quality switch which is more sturdy that the Radio Shack look alike physically (though perhaps not electrically). However, I wanted to write a quick warning to anyone who does not take heed of the "low current" description.
I used this switch to operate a small 3 volt motor in a toy I made and learned the hard way that these switches couldn't handle 3 volts and a small motor (I used All Electronics #DCM-166). If the motor was placed under load, the switches often melted and broke in two.
These are good switches, but should be used for signal and logic voltages only.
I do wish the description had given exact ratings rather than specifying "low current" as I assumed a small 3 volt motor to be low current.

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Push Buttons Great

Reviewer: from Arroyo Grande, CA US

I bought a bunch of these push button switches and they are very nice. Very good quality, I was impressed. These are much much better than the cheap aluminum ones you get at Radio Shack for twice as much.

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