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Product Description
• Dual 100K linear pot powered by reversible 5Vdc gearhead motor
• Overall dimensions: 25D x 64mm including shaft
• 6mm knurl slotted shaft is 14mm long
• 8 PC pins on pot, single row
• Solder-loop terminals on motor
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Reviewer: from Westlake Village, CA,USA

While this is being advertised as a dual 100k potentiometer the two potentiometers are not completely isolated. They share a common pin. Also, it is not perfectly linear. The B-4 rating is the 2nd to the least accurate of the linear series of potentiometers.

Also, there are two pins that I have no idea how they are internally connected but they share resistances with the two 100k potentiometers. These are pins 1 and 4. Pin 8 is a no connect.

Special note on resistance between pins 1 to 7 and pins 4 to 5. These pins are approximately 50k at full ccw and full cw however they reduce in resistance as you turn the shaft and pass through 0 ohms near the center position.

Other observations:
The motor draws approximately 30 mA during rotation and approximately 40 mA when stalled against the end of travel.
The gear box is a little nosier than I expected but not too bad. It takes approximately 6 seconds to travel one full rotation.

As viewed from the bottom with the knob forward. Pin 1 on the left:
R1 is pin 1 to pin 6 with the wiper on pin 7
R2 is pin 2 to pin 6 with the wiper on pin 5
Pin 8 is no connect
Pin 1 to pin 4 is approximately 95.4k
Resistance between pin 1 to other pins vary as does pin 4 to other pins. I could not include a table because this review format won't allow it.

Overall this is a good deal for the price and having a common pin between the two pots is not a big deal if you intend to use it as a volume control since most stereo outputs share a common ground. I knocked off one star for the poor linearity of the B-4 series. If you want to see charts for the different series you can go to this Bourns site:

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