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Creates two USB charging ports in vehicle, 2.1 Amp capacity. For phones, iPads, Kindles and other portable devices. Over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection. CE, FCC.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Works fine but does generate RFI !

Reviewer: from NH

Works as it should, but unit generates RFI in the FM band. Will test with my SDR receiver, but probably other areas of the spectrum are affected too. Strong FM stations on the truck radio are not a steady signal as they should be. They pop in and out of reception. Pull the charger from the outlet and FM radio is back to normal. Would be just fine if you ONLY listened to satellite radio like Sirius XM .

KA1GJU - Kriss

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Reviewer: from E HAMPSTEAD, NH USA

Workes nicely with my Casio GzOne/Ravine2 and my wife's Blackberry....

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