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$3.50 each
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10 TEST LEADS - 1" CLIPS 2 each of 5 colors.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Get out the iron!

Reviewer: from VIRGINIA BCH, VA US

I can't deny the decent price of this product but it's one of those "you get what you pay for." situations. Out of the 10 leads, 2 of them were open circuit. One had a bad connection on one side and the other was not connected on both sides. I repaired them with my soldering iron in a few minutes.

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Good price and are worth it.

Reviewer: from Southern California

I purchased these about a year ago and at times I have used all of these.
From time to time. Worked great except for the ends are made of very thin
Metal and after time, they bend and give problems. Then they sort of short out
one by one. Until you wake up one morning and find yourself driving down to
All Electronics to pick up some more test leads.

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Good Deal

Reviewer: from Saint Paul, MN USA

These jumpers have worked really well while testing prototypes. My only complaint is that the clamps aren't quite strong enough to always hold two wires in one clamp. Overall though, good quality, good price.

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Reviewer: from Brooklyn, NY USA

These are an amazing find, especially for the price! Plus they have smaller alligator clips than the ones I bought at Frye's, so they can fit better when using in tight spaces, and you get TWO of each color. If you troubleshoot a lot of components that are in-circuit, then you can really appreciate these, because the protective sleeves over the alligator clips are good and rubbery with great grip. You can slide them over the alligator clips and know that they will hold on tight and not short out another component. (The ones I bought at Frye's had very stiff plastic-like sleeves that simply would not stay in place.) Also I am totally old-school, so I lay out my test circuits on a piece of styrofoam and plunge the components in, then use these jumpers to connect the circuit and figure out a good layout before etching out a circuit board. I own two sets of these, have gotten a lot of use out of them, and found them to be highly dependable. Again and again, I have found All Electronics to carry products that are superior to and cheaper than the ones offered by big corporate chain stores.

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Jumpers ought to jump

Reviewer: from Phoenix AZ

I bought a set of these several months ago. Since then I have had problems testing. As it turns out about 2/3 are poorly soldered and another third (all the yellow ones) are not soldered AT ALL! Thank you China.

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