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MFR 93346

0.57" diameter x 1.04" high. Mounting flange w/ holes on 0.8" centers. Fiberglass insulating base with two terminals marked - and +. Gold-plated inside and out. Two leads inside connect to a spiral coil on the face of the device. What is it? We don't know.
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Average Customer Review:  (11 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from North Carolina
i know what it is
I work with these. They are intended for military use mainly. They are a type of directional antenna used for detecting where a radar lock is coming from. Four of them are generally used on a vehicle, mainly aircraft. They are placed in each of the four corners. Civilian use could range from simple radar detector antennas to detecting where a source of rf interference in the radar bands are coming from.

William Beaty from SEATTLE, WA USA
Tests as diode
It's a wideband microwave spiral antenna, with a diode in the center, and uni-directional via the resonant cavity behind. For lots of info goog: spiral antenna

It's probably a military microwave detector. Could be comms. Or, whenever you're being 'painted' by EM beams, time to duck.

A customer from Bay Area, CA USA
What's all the fuss?
This is just an ordinary flux capacitor...

Chris Atwood from Virginia
Possible Use?
It looks like a cigarette lighter - the type that is found in a car that heats up in the 12v plug, then the coil gets red hot when electricity is applied to light the cigarette.

Harry W. Hadelich from Caracas, Venezuela
Gas convection Heater Pilot Assembly
A company called Grainger
lists this item as a repair part for a Gas Convection Heater,20,000 BtuH Input,LP under the following description:
80063 Assy,pilot L.p.