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What is it? We don't know.
0.57" diameter x 1.04" high. Mounting flange w/ holes on 0.8" centers. Fiberglass insulating base with two terminals marked - and +. Gold-plated inside and out. Two leads inside connect to a spiral coil on the face of the device.

MFR 93346
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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i know what it is

Reviewer: from North Carolina

I work with these. They are intended for military use mainly. They are a type of directional antenna used for detecting where a radar lock is coming from. Four of them are generally used on a vehicle, mainly aircraft. They are placed in each of the four corners. Civilian use could range from simple radar detector antennas to detecting where a source of rf interference in the radar bands are coming from.

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What's all the fuss?

Reviewer: from Bay Area, CA USA

This is just an ordinary flux capacitor...

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Possible Use?

Reviewer: from Virginia

It looks like a cigarette lighter - the type that is found in a car that heats up in the 12v plug, then the coil gets red hot when electricity is applied to light the cigarette.

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Tests as diode

Reviewer: from SEATTLE, WA USA

It's a wideband microwave spiral antenna, with a diode in the center, and uni-directional via the resonant cavity behind. For lots of info goog: spiral antenna

It's probably a military microwave detector. Could be comms. Or, whenever you're being 'painted' by EM beams, time to duck.

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Hmmm... Hot surface Igniter for pressurised gas ?

Reviewer: from danville va

maybe it is used for igniting fuel gas when i look at it though it seems to look like some type of rf device like a transducer of some sort or an rf antenna for line of sight or sensor head who knows ... lol would be fun for experimenting .

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