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Product Description
Nice neon lamp assembly, prepped with resistor and 7" stripped and tinned pigtail leads. Operates on 120 Vac. Clear vinyl sleeve covers the top 2" of the leads.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Brightness Determines Life

Reviewer: from MESA, AZ USA

The series resistor is (only) 100K. It should be at least three times higher for a much longer life. It will not be as nice in terms of brightness.

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Ok for internittent, not for continuous

Reviewer: from FAIRFAX, VA USA

Used these in the lab to indicate power to devices under long term test conditions. After about six weeks, the interior began to blacken. Now six months and they're very dark. Still work as indicators but probably won't make it another six months. Happened equally to all ten. Guessing they are improperly evacuated during manufacture.

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