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High energy, high capacity rechargeable NiMH battery. 1.2V. 2500mAH. 14.5mm diameter x 50mm long.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Great buy-long lasting

Reviewer: from Oregon Coast

Finally got disgusted with Energizer re-chargable batteries that sit in the turned off camera for a few days before they have lost their charge enough that the camera won't work. I think it is the low amp capacity that is the culprit.

Put a test pair of these in two months ago (same charging unit) and they are still cooking. Chucking all our crappy EverReady and Energizer NIMHs in favor of these great little numbers.

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Another Cutting-Edge Offering!

Reviewer: from Kaysville, UT, USA

For awhile A/E was languishing with NiMH rechargeables running only as high as 1800 mAH; they then offered one ("International" Chinese Brand), rated @2500mAH; now we have a first-classTenergy with 2600 mAH. Hallelujah! this is now top- of-line and top- of capacity. The 1000 mAH AAA's are also in this category. Congrats to A/E for offering best products!

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Reviewer: from Lake County, IL

Time before last, did a semi-scientific test, 1 is the "bunny" and 2 is the Tenergy. After 2yrs of constant use (radios) and proper rotation, it's Tenergy 8, the "bunny" 0 as in ziilch, not to mention the price difference, near 3-1, bunny=3.

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Great cell for outdoor solar lights

Reviewer: from Homer Glen, IL

These cells are awesome!! I replaced the much lower capacity cells in my outdoor solar lights with these cells. They stay lit all night and have reserve energy for those cloudy days to remain lit at night. Any new solar lights I add immediately receive this upgrade.

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Braun 150 Shaver battery replacement

Reviewer: from BELLEVUE, WA USA

Great replacement battery for the Braun 150 series shaver. Gently pull bottom off, remove screw holding clear cover, remove old battery. Must gently bend in the battery holder tabs as this battery does not have the special end caps. Place the new battery in (observe polarity), reassemble and charge. Seems to have lower DCR as better speed regulation than original.

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