$2.50 each
10 or more $2.10 each
High-energy, AAA cell. Exact replacement for AAA size battery in all devices. 1.2V, 1000 mAh. 11mm diameter x 45mm long.
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Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Marion, IN
Great battery
The ones I got had the Lexel name on them. Never heard of them before.
The battery will take a fast charge easly. I use them for motor packs in r/c model aircraft.
I've soldered them together in 6 cell packs using copper "tabs".
They are one of the best NIMH cells I've found.

A customer from Wisconsin
Good Batteries, but had some problems
Had these batteries for a few months, and in the end they leaked in my dad's running armband radio. They were left in there for about 4-5 days, and they just went. Just make sure that if you have these, always check on them, and make sure you don't let them fully discharge inside a device, or you might run into the same problem

A customer from south east KS
perfect for "280" size backyard flyers
these batts are great. charge at 1 amp and fly all day. perfect 280 powerplant batterys

A customer from Mid-coast Maine
Hi internal discharge rate
"T-Energy" batteries work fine if you charge and use them. They loose their charge (self-discharge) about 4x faster than name-brand NiMh batteries when stored for later use after charging. So long as that's ok for your purpose, buy them. If you expect to charge today and use them next week..don't buy them.

A customer from Kaysville, UT,USA
You can use these in your LED flashlight packs...
Most LED flashlights from A/E and other suppliers use a 3-AAA cell battery pack inside in series to produce 4.5 volts. Using 3 of these cells the voltage is only 3.6 volts. That's just barely enough to provide the nominal voltage to excite the LED's; though not quite as bright, the results are certainly bright enough to please certain people, especially kids who can't tell the difference or don't really care The life of these cells in these flashlights is expected to be only about 2/3 that of alkalines, but for those willing to recharge them with a good, efficient charger that ought not be a problem.