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Omron # E3F2-R2C4. Photoelectric proximity switch/sensor with built-in amplifier. Retroreflective, reflects back upon itself (reflector not included). NPN open-collector transistor output. 2 Meter (6') range. Selectable, either light-on or dark-on control input. Chemical resistant, ABS resin case, 18mm diameter threaded cylinder with two plastic nuts to fasten to panel. 62mm long. Four-conductor, 4" cable. UL, CSA, CE. Removed from functioning equipment. See specs and hook-up diagrams.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Requires special reflector

Reviewer: from Colorado

The reflector MUST be excellent, such as stainless steel, a mirror, or reflective tape as mentioned in the previous review. You can't simply use your hand or white paper, for example.

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Great value - industrial grade

Reviewer: from SAN MATEO, CA USA

Good quality product. It has reverse polarity protection, etc. This has the emitter and receiver built-in. Best to use a retroreflector like a bicycle reflector or retroreflector tape. The indicator light will come on to show the state. The logic output is open collector and you'll get whatever the supply voltage is. To use with 5v ttl (using a second 5v source) wire as such:

Brown to +12V; Blue to ground; Pink to either +12 or ground depending whether you want Light-ON or Dark-ON mode;

Black to a 4.7K resistor with the other side of the resistor connected to a separate +5V source (the arduino). The 5v ttl signal is at the point where the black wire connects to the resistor.

why do they have such a tiny box for comments and no place for a picture?

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