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100 STEM experiments in one box. For ages eight and up, kids will learn about basic circuit connections as they construct four initial units (Maze Challenge, Flying Disc, Turbo Air, and Alarm System). Maze challenge allows children to build a carnival classic hand eye coordination game where a metal loop is maneuvered around a metal wire without making contact; difficulty of the wire can be adjusted. Flying Disc allows children to launch a disc spinning into the air. By using the auxiliary pieces designed for Turbo Air children will use the air flow to create a bubble machine (bubble solution not included), vacuum cleaner, or a floating foam ball! Alarm system lets children build a functioning spinning LED light with a loud beeping audio display. Knowledge will expand exponentially as connections are made, and children will see their confidence soar as they transform wires, springs, and plastic parts into fully functioning electrical circuits.

Comprehending a schematic diagram is a must for future electrical engineers. 100 in 1 Stem Lab colored manual associates every component with a symbol. Once children become familiar with the symbols, they will be able to look at the schematic diagrams provided (over 100) and figure out how to build the circuit, as well as interpret the flow of electricity. Children can take this a step further by designing their own diagrams that compound up to three box bases together. Once their diagram is complete, hypotheses can be tested by building the circuit they created (for two in one and three in one connection simply use the connecting bridges to connect box bases together).

Assembled Dimensions: 16.53" x 5.51" x 6.30"
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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