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OWIKIT# WI-44110.
This robot is ready to go on an adventure right out of the box. Batteries are included, and the robot is pre-assembled. There are three fun ways to play: Maze Race, Free Style, and S.T.E.A.M Idea and Activity Book.

The most challenging aspect is Maze Race. Children construct a 70-piece puzzle/board game that develops physical, cognitive, emotional, gross motor, and fine motor skills. After completing the puzzle, the user must strategize how to keep the robot on track and avoid falling into traps or endless loops.

In free style play, users take the robot's magic marker to plain white paper and challenge it to conquer hand drawn mazes, navigate homespun maps, or travel across super highways made by connecting multiple sheets of paper.

The included S.T.E.A.M idea and activity book is filled with ideas and activities that will keep children busy for hours. Offline coding activities will teach users the basic principles of metacognition, abstract thinking, and problem-solving. Follow the directions to build a functioning Mobius strip, or an infinite loop, and watch how long the robot can run!

• Ages: 3+
• Dimensions:
      SCRIB Robot: 2.36"x 1.77"x 3.15"
      Puzzle: 28" x 19" x .0625"
• No. of Pieces: 70-piece puzzle
• Batteries Required: 1.5 V button batteries AG13 /LR44 x 4 (included)

WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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