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Smart undercover robotics kit that entertains and teaches infra-red capabilities to inquisitive ages 8 and up. OWI's Agent992 Robot's 140 assembly pieces are the ideal level of difficulty taking the user's assembly skills beyond rudimentary snap together type kits. A classified, press-button switch instructs Agent992 Robot to transform into 3 investigative modes: Forward mode, Gesture Control mode, and Auto Navigation mode. Challenge several levels of thinking skills with the Agent992 Robot kit. Simple and basic (forward direction): eyes turn RED and forward maneuver is executed. Eyes turn BLUE when the Gesture Control is activated to command OWI's special agent to follow the Lead Detective's hand forward and backward. Graduating to the next level, apply advanced reasoning skills by designing obstacles or maze courses; Agent992 Robot's auto navigation mode sets its mission when eyes turn PURPLE. Strategic experimentation utilizing Agent992's tactical resources can complete "Mission Impossible." Easy, entertaining, and fun.

• 140 pieces
• Batteries: AAA x 4 (not included)
• Assembled dimensions: 6.70" x 5.90" x 3.94"
• Recommended age: 8+

WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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