CAT# PB-139
$1.50 each
100 or more $1.20 each
Single-pole, normally-open momentary switch. Attractive and functional dome-shaped pushbutton. 0.70" diameter black plastic bezel. 0.45" black plunger. Extends 0.3" above mounting plane. Threaded bushing mounts in 0.53" diameter hole. Solder terminals. Also available with a red button (PB-138), green button (PB-172G), blue button (PB-172B) and yellow button (PB-172Y).
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from 60565
These switches have a really nice feel. But they bounce like crazy, make sure you know how to debounce if you use them.

A customer from San Francisco, CA
Not too solid
The feel is nice and they look nice, but not very robust. Out of 4, one just didn't work the first time i used it, and I broke the tab off of another just trying to wrap a wire around it, not applying much force at all

A customer from Temecula, CA
Little switch
Note! The minimum hole diameter for the mounting boss on this switch is 0.53" and should be 0.54" for mfg variation. The 0.52" measurement is taken from the D-dut in the boss. Don't make the same mistake as I did and have your holes drilled at 0.52". You will be doing a lot of Dremel work.

Other than that, the switch feels solid enough.