CAT# PB-159
$0.35 each
100 or more $0.25 each
S.P.S.T. miniature momentary pushbutton switch. Push-on, release-off. Press-fit in 0.31" diameter chassis hole. 0.39" diameter black bezel. Green button extends 0.29" above mounting plane in off-position. Switch body is 0.31" diameter x 0.5" long (excluding pc pins) below mounting plane.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Saint Paul, MN USA
I bought this for use in some test projects (turning on LEDs, etc.), but when I tried putting it on an circuit that generates tones, I found the switch to be very noisy, causing a click in the output audio.

So as long as it's not being used in an audio circuit, should be fine.

Patrick Schindler from LIVERMORE, CA USA
Good Value
I solder these on the end of a 0.156 pigtail (CAT# CON-232) to be used as a reset button. Legs are a little thin so before I heat the shrink wrap I back fill with hot glue. I am looking for the falling edge so bounce is of no concern (I have not looked at it on the scope).

A customer from CAMBRIDGE, MA USA
Great for Price
These things feel *really* cheap when you get them, but they're surprisingly durable. I've had students use them in some reaction timing circuits where they are really slamming these things and they all lasted in their sweaty hands for hundreds of operation cycles. At 35 cents a piece you can't go wrong. Based off of one kid's experiments, the spring in them is too stiff to let them be good touch detectors on a robot, but for thumb-based actuation, they work great.

A customer from tucson,az
attractive and good quality
i find these buttons very attractive - are very sturdy and are easily cleaned with spray air. the price is right